Monday, July 25, 2016


Was it a happy day of celebration here at Juniata Valley Winery when we heard that two of our wines won medals at this year’s Pennsylvania Farm Show! Kudos to our wine maker, George Hazard, for his excellent Chambourcin, War Horse, that earned a second place silver medal.  George’s Traminette, our estate wine, was awarded a third place bronze.  Not bad for having recently celebrated our 3rd year anniversary, eh!

The Chambourcin, a hybrid grape developed by French biochemist, Joannes Seyve,  has only been available since 1963.  The grape produces a deep-colored, aromatic wine.  Our War Horse is a light, dry wine.  It is quite versatile and pairs well with a wide variety of foods, among them red meats, pork, roast turkey and chicken, lamb, game foods, fish, pasta dishes with meat sauce, and more.  Some folks even pair their Chambourcin with desserts, especially chocolate types, noting that the dryness of the wine is a nice counteraction to the sweetness.

The Traminette grape is the result of a cross between Joannes Seyve 23.416 grape variety, a Seibel wine hybrid, with the German Gewurztraminer grape at Cornell University by H.C. Barrett.   Like the Chambourcin, the Traminette grape is a relatively new variety created in 1968, the first fruit having emerged in 1974.  The grape has a fragrant aroma and florals are evident in the taste of the wine.

JVW’s Traminette is our estate wine, as this is a hearty variety that does well in Pennsylvania.  It is a delightful semi-dry white having the characteristic fragrance and floral tastes associated with this variety. Traminette pairs well with pork, turkey, chicken, seafood, and Asian cuisine.  But don’t let our suggestions stop you from experimenting!